How we use this in Real Estate

In this business it is extremely important to learn how to negotiate with others. It has to be a win-win situation for all the parties involved but there are many different types of items that need to be negotiated. Along with price, there are fees, terms, conditions, and add-ons that you may be able to [...]

Keeping tenants happy

Now that you have your property rented out you need to make sure that your tenant is happy and content in their new home. You’ve spent a good deal of time, energy, and money to attract your tenant. To keep them long-term, you have to make sure you do what you can to keep them [...]

Our mission

Doing real estate deals not only provides you and your partners with the income to become financially free, but every deal you do has a dramatic impact on the people and places that surround the property. You are helping people succeed in making money or finding places to live. You are building up or improving [...]

Rebuilding communities

The benefits of real estate for many communities that have fallen into leaner times are varied. When the economy dips and houses become run down or abandoned and people need to sell, many simply walk away leaving the property to die its own death. When an area has a lot of homes like that with [...]


Becoming a Cashflowpreneur is an all-encompassing journey that will take you from the place you are now to the place you want to be. By applying the lessons and skills you have learned in this book, you have the ability to leave the routine life of daily, grinding, uninteresting, and unfulfilling work behind, and find [...]

Purchase Price!

The amount you pay for your deal is going to be the largest chunk of money that goes into your rehab budget. You always want to pay the lowest price possible and you may need to negotiate your butt off to get it. So you need to have good motivation and business skills to get [...]

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Repair Price!

As you will see in the next section, the final repair price is the number that is going to be the greatest influence on your bottom line and cause you the most aggravation and frustration if you don’t get the number down right. Depending on the type of property, the condition it is in, and [...]

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Vision Board!

It has been said that your mind determines your reality. If you think negative thoughts then negative things will happen to you. Conversely, if you think positive thoughts, then positive things will happen to you. This is referred to as the Law of Attraction. It means that like thoughts attracts like results. I use the [...]

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Build Rapport

Negotiating a real estate deal never has to be stressful. Once you understand the nature of negotiating and get some experience in it, you’ll begin to feel confident and comfortable. The best way to negotiate your real estate deal is face to face or on the phone, never through email or text. It’s more direct [...]

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The purpose of a wholesale

A wholesale transaction allows you to buy and sell best-deal properties quickly and with little knowledge, money, or credit. It is a method that allows you to enter the business and begin building it. It also provides a unique service to both sellers who want to get rid of properties as quickly as possible, and [...]

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