Building your Buyer’s list!

This list is going to contain all the people in your relationship who are looking for investment properties to purchase. These are investors who want properties that they can market to their own particular buyers or to rent out for income. They want properties that they can buy at a low price to get the [...]

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How YOU can do it!

We can honestly say that if we can do it, then you can do it too. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to be successful but the financial rewards are more than worth it. Building a real estate business that gives you the financial freedom to live your life on your terms [...]

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Our definition of financial freedom

Let’s do a little experiment for a moment. Close your eyes and dream about what kind of life you would love to live if you were able to reach your all of your goals, reach the wealth you desire, reach total time freedom, and reach absolute financial and life freedom. What would that look like [...]

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Goal Setting!

Now that you know what your dreams are, you need to set goals and smaller steps or milestones to get you there. The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with intention and dreams, but a major part is about taking determined action. “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – [...]

Time Management!

To build your real estate empire and reach each of your goals you will need to manage your time effectively so you have enough of it to do your business but also have the time to take care of personal and family matters. This will take planning and discipline and a lot of hard work [...]

Benefits of Home Ownership

Home ownership has many advantages, both personal and financial, but buying a home is an important decision. Understanding the differences between renting and buying can help you decide if it is the right time to make the leap. Benefits of Home Ownership: • Tax savings You may earn significant tax savings because you can deduct [...]

Staging is a CRUCIAL when Selling an investment property

Staging We use staging on the properties when selling the properties that have been remodeled for retail prices or when we have a property available to be leased. When preparing a home to be viewed by potential buyers you want the property to be as attractive and appealing as possible. One effective way of doing [...]

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Become an Expert Real Estate Investor!

(Part 2) Another way of establishing yourself as an authority is to ensure you have an online presence. In today’s electronic age, one of the first things people do after meeting someone is to search online to see what comes up for that person. If you don’t have an online presence, then you won’t show [...]

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Get Known in the Real Estate Investing Arena!

(PART 1) Become an Authority One thing about becoming successful in real estate through wholesales, rehabs, and rentals is that as you gain more skills and experience in deals, you also gain more trust and respect from those you deal with. And with this trust and respect comes a sense of authority, which is the [...]

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Wholesaling – Real Estate Investing Foundation!

Solid foundation to real estate investing Wholesaling is the way to not only enter the real estate business but is a proven and effective method for making money in the field. It is a solid foundation to real estate investing in that it has worked for many people for a very long time. It is [...]

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