What is a Wholesale Deal or a Real Estate Flip?

A wholesale deal or real estate flip is one in which the wholesaler finds a good deal on a property from a seller, presents it to a final buyer, and assigns the contract or sells the property to that final buyer. As a real estate wholesaler, you are the middle person, the negotiator, the go [...]

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How we started investing in Real Estate (Part 2)

(Continued) We sent him the pictures and told him that we were thinking of selling the property for $105,000. He asked us why we had chosen that particular dollar amount and I honestly didn’t have an answer for him. We figured that after all the expenses and closing costs we would be in the property for about [...]

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How we Started in Real Estate Investing (Part 1)

The first real estate deal we ever did open our minds up to the many opportunities that we were not expecting to be available in this business. We didn’t expect that we would achieve the results we have today, and doing our first deal was quite a breakthrough for us. It allowed us to think [...]

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Get in the Cash Flow Game Investment Game!

You’ve read enough blog posts from our website or read our book CashFlowPreneur. It’s now time for you to get in the game. Before we go any further, you should get yourself a notebook because as you read through this book many questions and ideas are going to pop into your head. Anything that does, [...]

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Having a Cash Flow WHY!

WHY! In preparing to take control of developing a highly successful real estate Cash Flow empire, you need to ask yourself the exact reason or reasons you want to become financially independent and successful in real estate. You need to find out and understand what your WHY is. WHY are you reading this book? WHY [...]

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Working with Mentors (Part 2)

Harv Eker does not know us but we know him very well through attending his courses held by New Peaks and Peak Potentials. We’ve learned much from him, such as essential financial education, the business of giving seminars and creating courses, producing podcasts, street-smart negotiating skills, dance between the warrior and the wizard that lives [...]

Working with Mentors (Part 1)

  In any type of business, you learn the processes and procedures from other people who have gone before you and who have gotten to the same point you want to reach in your business. They have made all the mistakes you would have made and have found all the ways to get around or [...]


  CASHFLOWPRENEUR BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE IN 5 YEARS THROUGH REAL ESTATE BY: MICHELLE PAEZ AND CAMILO PALACIO INTRODUCTION Born in Colombia but having moved to Miami at the age of 15, we were the products of highly entrepreneurial families. As such, we knew we didn’t want the typical American work-life of a nine-to-five job every [...]

Home flipping reached 10-year high: Can you say froth?

Diana Olick | @DianaOlick Thursday, 3 Mar 2016 | 9:16 AM Rising home prices are bringing more house flippers out of the woodwork, and that may be a sign of an overheating housing market. The number of active home flippers last year was the highest in nearly a decade, and it is only growing. [...]

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6 ways to make your home offer stand out (Part 6)

Don’t bother submitting an offer on a house without a loan pre-approval in hand if you are a homebuyer. If you are an investor, make sure you have proof of funds or you are approved by a hard money lender or private investor. And if you really want to please the seller, get preapproved for [...]