6 ways to make your home offer stand out (Part 5)

Letting the seller know why you want to live in the property they once called home improves your chances of winning a bid. That’s how I landed the property where Im moving into with my wife in just a couple of months in Buenavista, Florida. “I wrote a letter to the sellers and said that [...]

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6 ways to make your home offer stand out (Part 4)

When you have competition, don’t ask the seller to give you 15 days to inspect the home. “You don’t need more than five days to get an inspector there”. Some buyers will go as far as doing the inspection right away, before submitting the contract, so that the offer is not contingent on inspection. But [...]

6 ways to make your home offer stand out (Part 3)

Home purchase contracts normally are contingent on financing and appraisal, giving investors and homebuyers the right to get their deposits back if they can’t finance the home or the appraisal doesn’t support the purchase price. If you are getting a mortgage, waiving one or both contingencies can improve their chances when competing with cash buyers. [...]

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6 ways to make your home offer stand out (Part 2)

As home prices rise and the inventory of homes for sale shrinks, investors and homebuyers realize they have to adapt to a market in which sellers call the shots. Fall in love with a place or investment property that fits your budget, and get in line with other buyers bidding on the same home. That’s [...]

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7 Key Mistakes Investors Make

Avoid these 7 mistakes real estate investors make and save thousands!! 1. Put too much down or too much of your own money – Real estate is an OPM or Other People’s Money industry. You should minimize how much of your own money is in a deal. And always make sure you have plenty of [...]

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Cash Flow is KING

  It is so true that cash flow is KING! But what really is “cash flow”? You can consider cash flow as the movement of money within your account. There are many things that constantly deplete funds out of your account many things that constantly replenish funds into your account. For example, negative factors and [...]

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Property Managers!

  A property manager is an individual or a company that deals with the operation, oversight, and control of the cash flowing property. They are experts in all manner of administering rental properties for owners and deal with all the day to day things that owners would normally be responsible for themselves. Many rental owners [...]

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Want a Free Training? Click Here!!

Hey my online family! Today I wanted to share with you this training we did not too long ago about how real estate investments can set you up for life! I am sharing it with you to thank you for your following and loyalty and because I can't wait to see you at the top. [...]

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Clarity = Power

In preparing to take control of developing a highly successful real estate empire, you need to ask yourself the exact reason or reasons you want to become financially independent and successful in real estate. You need to find out and understand what your WHY is. WHY are you reading this book? WHY are you interested [...]

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Did you know… 9 out of 10 Millionaires in the United States have created their wealth through real estate?

7 Top Reasons to Create YOUR Wealth Through Real Estate Reason # 1- Passive Positive Cash Flow: The best way to become truly financially free! Passive positive cash flow allows you to spend time on things you want to do, not on things you have to do and this is key! Whether it is spending [...]

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