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How we use this in Real Estate

In this business it is extremely important to learn how to negotiate with others. It has to be a win-win situation for all the parties involved but there are many different types of items that need to be negotiated. Along with price, there are fees, terms, conditions, and add-ons that you may be able to [...]

Keeping tenants happy

Now that you have your property rented out you need to make sure that your tenant is happy and content in their new home. You’ve spent a good deal of time, energy, and money to attract your tenant. To keep them long-term, you have to make sure you do what you can to keep them [...]

Our mission

Doing real estate deals not only provides you and your partners with the income to become financially free, but every deal you do has a dramatic impact on the people and places that surround the property. You are helping people succeed in making money or finding places to live. You are building up or improving [...]

Rebuilding communities

The benefits of real estate for many communities that have fallen into leaner times are varied. When the economy dips and houses become run down or abandoned and people need to sell, many simply walk away leaving the property to die its own death. When an area has a lot of homes like that with [...]


Becoming a Cashflowpreneur is an all-encompassing journey that will take you from the place you are now to the place you want to be. By applying the lessons and skills you have learned in this book, you have the ability to leave the routine life of daily, grinding, uninteresting, and unfulfilling work behind, and find [...]

Goal Setting!

Now that you know what your dreams are, you need to set goals and smaller steps or milestones to get you there. The Law of Attraction has a lot to do with intention and dreams, but a major part is about taking determined action. “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” – [...]

Time Management!

To build your real estate empire and reach each of your goals you will need to manage your time effectively so you have enough of it to do your business but also have the time to take care of personal and family matters. This will take planning and discipline and a lot of hard work [...]

Benefits of Home Ownership

Home ownership has many advantages, both personal and financial, but buying a home is an important decision. Understanding the differences between renting and buying can help you decide if it is the right time to make the leap. Benefits of Home Ownership: • Tax savings You may earn significant tax savings because you can deduct [...]

Working with Mentors (Part 2)

Harv Eker does not know us but we know him very well through attending his courses held by New Peaks and Peak Potentials. We’ve learned much from him, such as essential financial education, the business of giving seminars and creating courses, producing podcasts, street-smart negotiating skills, dance between the warrior and the wizard that lives [...]

Working with Mentors (Part 1)

  In any type of business, you learn the processes and procedures from other people who have gone before you and who have gotten to the same point you want to reach in your business. They have made all the mistakes you would have made and have found all the ways to get around or [...]